015 – Goal Setting And Habits For The New Year

This episode is the audio from a presentation I did back in February of 2020 on goal setting and habit change. Being a fresh new year there is plenty of opportunity to start something new and make some changes to our routine. I hope there is some good information in here for you to apply to your new year resolutions and goal setting in general. 

I have some good stuff planned for this year so stick around and subscribe. 2021 here we come! 

Show Notes

Link to YouTube video’s to come

013 – The Story Of My Son’s Birth

New Update! I’m a DAD! 

This episode won’t be for everyone. In it I tell our birth story and the complications that went along with it as an account of what happened. If you are kind of squeamish, maybe skip this one. If you want to know some more of what the last 5 weeks of my life have been, dive on in! At the end of the episode I do lay out some things that have changed in my own lifestyle since the birth of my son, and what I think is the best thing about being a parent up to this point. 

012 – Growing As A Practitioner With Mark Murdoch

Today I have a conversation with an old classmate of mine that went on to get his Clinical Doctorate in Chiropractic, Mark Murdoch. Mark fell into the industry from his love of martial arts and developing his own fitness to perform better in martial arts. He shares about dealing with a major life event that brings stressful circumstances. We also share how our mindset has changed around both Nutrition and Fitness.

Show Notes

  • LeoFitness – Marks Website & home base
  • Marks Instagram – Fitness content
  • Mark’s Dog – awesome doggy pictures
  • Mark’s LinkedIn – Main Social
  • Books Mentioned:
    • Lightbringer Series
    • Dune
    • Name Of The Wind Series
    • Ready Player One
    • Altered Carbon Series
    • Armada
    • Mindset
    • The One Thing
    • Talking To Strangers
    • Sapiens
    • Homo Deus
    • Superfans

011 – The Benefits To Having A Coach

Today I talk about the main benefits to having a Coach on your team to support you in your goals in personal development. From accountability to being objective I cover why hiring a coach can be beneficial to your results and can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. 

Show Notes

  • Send me an email with questions you have or if you are interested in Coaching. Send to [email protected]

010 – Save Money On Supplements You Don’t Need To Buy

In today’s episode I cover a list of supplements that I recommend to stop buying and save your money. Or redirect those funds to something that will actually help improve your lifestyle. If you aren’t buying these supplements give yourself a pat on the back, but if you are, let me help you save some money. I also cover the list of items that I think are worth your money, but only if you need them.

Show Notes:

  • Examine.com – Website for 3rd party information on each supplement

008 – 6 Tips For Returning To Training After Time Off

In this episode I talk about returning to your training after having time off. In BC gyms and recreation facilities are opening back up with people returning to their fitness. I give you 6 tips to consider before returning to your training. These tips also double for times where you want to play around with intensity in your training and how to go about it.

If you are returning to facilities I’m curious to find out what your thoughts are for the type of gym you are returning to. Or if you are remaining at home and building up that home gym. Let me know by hitting me up on Instagram @coachdannygee.

Show Notes

007 – Finding The Way To A Happier Mindset With Jo Salisbury

In this episode I have a conversation with Jo Salisbury, a long time client from when I was working as a mobile personal trainer, to working with me online. She has been on a journey that I am so proud to be a part of. This is an intro into our relationship where we dive into her lifestyle factors and where she is at right now with her journey. We touch on the mindset that she applies to her life and how she went from restriction to intuition.

Show Notes

005 – 10 Sleep Strategies For Better Rest & Recovery

In this episode I cover 10 starting sleep strategies to get a better sleep, improve your mood, and boost your recovery. If you struggle with sleep habits, this episode is going to give you some options to try. Or if you are a sleep pro, some checks to look at to see if you can improve in one area or another.  

Show Notes

*Disclaimer* Some of the links above are affiliate links which give me a kickback at no expense to you.

004 – Mental Health and Movement With Stephanie Hall

Today’s Episode is a conversation I have with a friend and a client Stephanie Hall. She is a Mental Health Counselor in the lower mainland of BC. Learn more about her practice and what she does at https://www.live-authentically.com. Thank you for listening and have a great day! 

Show Notes

*Disclaimer* Some of the links above are affiliate links which give me a kickback at no expense to you.