012 – Growing As A Practitioner With Mark Murdoch

Today I have a conversation with an old classmate of mine that went on to get his Clinical Doctorate in Chiropractic, Mark Murdoch. Mark fell into the industry from his love of martial arts and developing his own fitness to perform better in martial arts. He shares about dealing with a major life event that brings stressful circumstances. We also share how our mindset has changed around both Nutrition and Fitness.

Show Notes

  • LeoFitness – Marks Website & home base
  • Marks Instagram – Fitness content
  • Mark’s Dog – awesome doggy pictures
  • Mark’s LinkedIn – Main Social
  • Books Mentioned:
    • Lightbringer Series
    • Dune
    • Name Of The Wind Series
    • Ready Player One
    • Altered Carbon Series
    • Armada
    • Mindset
    • The One Thing
    • Talking To Strangers
    • Sapiens
    • Homo Deus
    • Superfans